Danish fashion Designer Liselotte Hornstrup

// Liselotte Hornstrup // is a Danish fashion brand, who’s designDNA is centered around the strengthening of the individual and leaves space for free expression. The brand identity is monochrome and dark with a lot of raw edges and leather details. It is an innovative story about craftsmanship and tailoring, where the clothes are made to last, as a resistant against the throwaway society. Everything is made in Denmark at the design studio or at a Danish sewing factory.


With an artistic design process with inspiration from the body, there is a sustainable focus on every level of the process. // Liselotte Hornstrup // intend to contribute to local and global responsibility by pushing the boundaries of durability of textiles, aiming for a higher level of reuse and use of our resources. That is why the design process has a huge focus on finish and craftsmanship, and is a careful, creative process, where design is based on continuous development and not renewal and dismissal.

The users are encouraged to interact with the clothes and use it in different ways. // Liselotte Hornstrup // collection is targeted to a wide audience with its timeless and functional look.

Liselotte Hornstrup was born and raised in a small town in Denmark. She is educated at Via University College in Denmark with a profession bachelor and and further she has taken a Master of Arts in Design at Kolding Design School. Liselotte Hornstrup was nominated for Danish Design Talent 2015, and has earlier participated in an exhibition at Heart Museum called 'Clash –Resistance in fashion. Moreover she is an advocate of sustainable design with a strong focus on better use of resources and recycling. Liselotte Hornstrup’s strength lies in her crafted processing of materials, which appears in her reflective and creativeedesign process.